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How to find/set speed of your network cards (Linux)

If you want to find what type of network card is used, its speed, on which IRQ it is listed, and the chip type used, you use the following command :
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dmesg |grep eth0

Here eth0 is the first network card. If you have additional cards, it will be named eth1, eth2 and so on. And here is the output of the above command :
eth0: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xf8cdcf00, 00:e0:4c:a1:41:d5, IRQ 16
eth0: Identified ...
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cPanel scripts

Short explanation of the cPanel scripts (located in /scripts/ directory):

* adddns - Adds a DNS zone.
* addfpmail - Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.
* addfpmail2 -Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.
* addnetmaskips - Add the netmask to all IPs that have no netmask.
* addnobodygrp - Adds the group nobody and activates security.
* addpop - Add a Pop Account.
* addservlets - Add ...
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Copy Linux System Copy Linux System

* Linux distribution: RedHat/Fedora
* Bootloader: grub
* The current running Linux system harddisk will, from now on, be called "old harddisk."


With the arrival of kernel-2.6.20, all the harddisk device names are now /dev/sdx. It used to be /dev/hdx for ide harddisk and /dev/sdx for SCSI. The following is the old naming convention:

EIDE0 primary /dev/hda
EIDE0 secondary /dev/hdb
EIDE1 primary /dev/hdc
EIDE1 secondary /dev/hdd

With the new naming convention, the first harddisk ...
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One PHP.ini for all folders

If you want to use only one php.ini file for all your sites you need to create .htaccess file in main directory (/public_html/.htaccess) and put into variable:
SetEnv PHPRC /location/to_dir/containing/phpinifile
For example:
SetEnv PHPRC /home/user/public_html/php.ini

Note: This solution highly depends on PHP mode.
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HDD clone on FreeBSD

Subject: Клонирование дисков во FreeBSD

Любой из нас хорошенько задумывается над тем, как правильно разбить HDD
при установке FreeBSD. Действительно, потом будет весьма проблематично
изменить размер патриции при необходимости. Проблема заключается в том,
что на жестком диске находятся, так называемые, слайсы, а уже в них
инкапсулированы партиции. Это не всегда так, потому что есть еще и
второй метод разметки HDD без слайсов, но в данной статье он не
рассматривается. Популярные программы для работы с разделами ...
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WordPress password change

Password for wordpress user can be easily changed with help of PhpMyAdmin. Navigate to the database -> users. Select to edit an entry.
Change type of the input value to MD5 and type new password.
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Front Page Extentions on FreeBSD server

Common error message:
Cannot find package compat-gcc-32 ...
Cannot find package glibc-devel.i386 ...
Cannot find package compat-glibc ...
Cannot find package libgcc.i386 ...
Cannot find package glibc-devel ...
Cannot find package libgcc ...

Official documentation ( says:

FrontPage is supported for all versions of Apache available through EasyApache 3 and all operating systems supported by cPanel. For Apache 2.0 and 2.2, the fpexe FrontPage binary is replaced with a copy of /scripts/fp-auth which collects the ...
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Helpful cPanel application "cpuwatch"

With every cPanel installation, there is a binary located at /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cpuwatch, what cpuwatch does is that it executes the command and monitors the load, if the load goes past the set limit, it will stop the application and resume it after the load averages are below the threshold for a few seconds, the usage for it is very simply

# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cpuwatch
Usage: cpuwatch <maxload> (<-p PID>|<command> [arguments])
maxload : system load at which throttling should ...
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10 tips 10 tips

10 Tips for making your cPanel and WHM servers more secure
June 24th, 2007

Please note that these tips are suggestions only and cPanel takes no responsibility for modifications to individual servers, or the security practices of individual servers. Server security is a collection of compromises, as any server that allows connections could be insecure. These tips are to be followed at your own risk.

1) Use secure passwords!

Insecure passwords are the most common ...
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