vzubc utility - human-readable user beancounters output

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vzubc utility - human-readable user beancounters output

Postby lik » Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:46 pm

vzubc − CLI utilitu to show user beancounters (UBC) in a human-readable format. It is a part of vzctl since 3.0.27 version.

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# vzubc -h
Usage: vzubc [option ...] [<ctid> ...]

 -w, --watch:
     Run itself under watch(1) (a la top mode, Ctrl-C to exit).
     -wd: show differences between runs
     -wn <time>: refresh every <time> seconds
 -q, --quiet:
     Quiet mode (only show beancounters with fails and close to limits).
     -qh <ratio>: quiet threshold for held/limit ratio (default: 0.5)
     -qm <ratio>: quiet threshold for maxheld/limit ratio (default: 0.8)
 -r, --relative:
     Relative mode, show fail counters delta compared to previous run.
     -rc: clear all saved fail counter data for relative mode
     -rd <dir>: directory for storing data (default: /tmp/vzubc.store)
 -i, --incremental:
     Incremental mode, add held value delta compared to previous run.
     If used together with -q, beancounters with changed values are also shown.
     -ic: clear all saved held data for incremental mode
     -id <dir>: synonym for -rd
 -c, --color:
     Enable color highlighting (using same thresholds as for --quiet).
     Color mode is not compatible with --watch.
 -f, --file <file>:
     File to read UBC values from. Defaults are /proc/bc/resources or
     /proc/user_beancounters. Use - to read from stdin.

 <ctid>: container name/ID to show info about (can be used multiple times)

Example outputs:
vzubc - default output
vzubc_o.png (10.3 KiB) Viewed 6713 times

vzubc - color output in quite mode
vzubc_oqc.png (5.73 KiB) Viewed 6713 times

vzubc - color output in quite and incremental modes
vzubc_oqci.png (7.61 KiB) Viewed 6713 times

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