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CPUfreq scaling_governor oneliner

Short oneliner to set CPU scaling governor to 'performance':
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echo performance | tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor
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Disable KDE baloo indexer

In order to disable Baloo indexer you may do the following:
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cp /usr/share/autostart/baloo_file.desktop ~/.kde4/share/autostart/
echo "Hidden=True" >> ~/.kde4/share/autostart/baloo_file.desktop

It will prevent start of Baloo service on KDE start for a current user.
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What is cgroup-utils?

cgroup-utils provides utility tools and libraries for control groups of Linux. For example, cgutil top is a top-like tool which shows activities of running processes in control groups.
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SolusVM KVM templates Gen1 vs Gen2

SolusVM supports two generations (1 or 2) of KVM templates. The generations are explained below:

Generation 1
Generation 1 templates are fixed size byte by byte images. G1 should be used when you need to create a special template that either includes obscure partitions or filesystems that can't be manipulated from the host node. These include but are not limited to FreeBSD (Unix) or logical partitions. G1 templates can still have networking setup by SolusVM, ...
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Naemon (Nagios 4 core fork)

The Naemon core is our version of the Nagios 4 core, which has a lot of extra bugfixes - notably, NASA can use Naemon to monitor their supercomputer cluster without any special configuration tweaking. For the time being, it should function as a drop-in replacement for Nagios, but with additional work spent on improving performance and stability. In the future, compatibility will most likely diverge, but we will make sure that external API's behave the ...
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Nagios API projects (RAW, TODO) Nagios API projects (RAW, TODO)

Looking for a Nagios API which suits my needs\expectations. Feel free to post them here if you know such. (read/write/python, JSON, use PyNag as backend, depends on Flask) (high number of dependencies) (read only (parses status.dat)/python, JSON ==> not suitable due to read-only features) (livestatus c++, perl, python API) (Python MK Livestatus parser) / (NagiosQL Restful API, python/Django) (Ruby Nagios RESTful API) (Ruby ...
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PNP4Nagios template for check_diskio_ucd

Here is my custom Pnp4nagios template for check_diskio_ucd Nagios plugin to check DiskIO via SNMP (plugin uses UCD-DISKIO MIB ):

# PNP template for check_diskio_ucd plugin output
# (c) Lik, 2013
# perfdata output example : ReadMB=0.02MB/s WriteMB=0.00MB/s ReadIO=1.40IO/s WriteIO=0.00IO/s TotalIO=1.40IO/s
$ds_name[1] = "HDD Read/Write MB/s";
$opt[1] = "--slope-mode --step 300 --base 1024 --vertical-label $UNIT[1] --title \"Disk Read/Write MB per second - $hostname\" ";
$def[1] = "DEF:ReadMB=$RRDFILE[1]:$DS[1]:AVERAGE ";
$def[1] ...
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Aria2 command-line download utility

aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2 can be manipulated via built-in JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces.

webui-aria2 - RPC interface to interact with aria2.
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