How to exit from 'xm console'

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How to exit from 'xm console'

Postby lik » Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:46 am

You can enter into domU using the xm utility:
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# xm

Usage: xm <subcommand> [args]

Control, list, and manipulate Xen guest instances.

Common 'xm' commands:

 console              Attach to <Domain>'s console.                     
 vncviewer            Attach to <Domain>'s VNC server.                 
 create               Create a domain based on <ConfigFile>.           
 new                  Adds a domain to Xend domain management           
 delete               Remove a domain from Xend domain management.     
 destroy              Terminate a domain immediately.                   
 dump-core            Dump core for a specific domain.                 
 help                 Display this message.                             
 list                 List information about all/some domains.         
 mem-set              Set the current memory usage for a domain.       
 migrate              Migrate a domain to another machine.             
 pause                Pause execution of a domain.                     
 reboot               Reboot a domain.                                 
 reset                Reset a domain.                                   
 restore              Restore a domain from a saved state.             
 resume               Resume a Xend managed domain                     
 save                 Save a domain state to restore later.             
 shell                Launch an interactive shell.                     
 shutdown             Shutdown a domain.                               
 start                Start a Xend managed domain                       
 suspend              Suspend a Xend managed domain                     
 top                  Monitor a host and the domains in real time.     
 unpause              Unpause a paused domain.                         
 uptime               Print uptime for all/some domains.               
 vcpu-set             Set the number of active VCPUs for allowed for   
                      the domain.

<Domain> can either be the Domain Name or Id.
For more help on 'xm' see the xm(1) man page.
For more help on 'xm create' see the xmdomain.cfg(5)  man page.

For a complete list of subcommands run 'xm help'.

For example:
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xm console vm138

To get out from the domU console one can use one of the below key combinations:
1. Ctrl + ']'
2. Ctrl + '5'

Common issues:
You don't have a german keyboard :)
The "]"-Key is AltGr+9 there, so Ctrl+] is Ctrl+AltGr+9 and this could be a wrong generated keycode. In the standart-cmd-windows-terminal Ctrl+AltGr+9 generates a "]". I think it's not the right one. It should be something like "^]" or similar. Windows doesn't create the right keycode. Switching to the english/us-keylayout resolves the problem. Ctrl+] it's a terrible key-combination for german and someting other non-english? keyboards.

Dealing with multiple language keyboards is a *serious* problem in user interfaces. VNC has similar issues, where keystrokes that show up with a UK keyboard one way or on a serial console to Xen show up the same way,but transmitted over VNC turn out as if the keyboard were from the US.
On a Swedish keyboard (mac running iTerm) <CTRL> 'å' works.

Taken from Xen-users mailing list
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