Disable Awstats for one account (cPanel case)

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Disable Awstats for one account (cPanel case)

Postby lik » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:13 am

Suppose, you have Awstats available and enabled by default for all users under "WHM -> Server Configuration -> Statistics Software Configuration".
For some reason you want to exclude one account from statistics update (web service access log parsing for it) and you can do it via:

* WHM interface

"WHM -> Server Configuration -> Statistics Software Configuration -> User Permissions -> Choose Users"
Choose Specific Stats Programs for: accountname
Here you can specify which stats programs "accountname" can use.
Untick 'Awstats' and click 'Save'.

* cPanel end-user interface

The aim is the same - disable stats programms for domains configured under account.

* CLI interface (with 'root' privileges)

Append the following variable with empty value to the file /var/cpanel/users/<accountname> :
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Afterwards do not forget to rebuild system caches with:
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You can also meet several outdated solutions, namely "skipawstats=1" and "FEATURE-AWSTATS=0", but they do not work in cPanel 11.38.xx .
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