Centos 5 reiserfs support in default kernel

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Centos 5 reiserfs support in default kernel

Postby lik » Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:07 pm

Apparently the Out of the box CentOS kernel doesn't support reiserfs and a whole bunch of things. The support for ReiserFS will be built into the CentOS Plus kernel, but the centos plus for CentOS 5 isn't populated.

The CentOSPlus repository contains packages that are upgrades to the packages in the CentOS base + CentOS updates repositories. These packages are not part of the upstream distribution and extend CentOS's functionality at the expense of upstream compatibility.

To gain access to Centos Plus, follow the instructions on this page


We want to use CentOSPlus kernel to be able to use the jfs or reiserfs file system and the creation tools. We would edit /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo and modify the following in the [centosplus] section:
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includepkgs=kernel* jfsutils reiserfs-utils

In the [base] and [update] section you would do the following:
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exclude=kernel kernel-devel kernel-smp-* kernel-hugemem* kernel-largesmp*  (CentOS 4 only)
exclude=kernel kernel-devel kernel-PAE-*  (CentOS 5 only)

There are currently no RPMS uploaded for Centos Plus for Centos 5.

To view the repository, browse here:

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