Basical log file locations

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Basical log file locations

Postby lik » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:16 am


* 1 Log Files /var/log
* 2 Log files /var/cpanel/logs
* 3 Log files /usr/local/cpanel/logs
* 4 Mysql
* 5 Apache
* 6 Exim
* 7 Security

Log Files /var/log

* maillog pop3 and imap login,logout and failure notices, also reports some spamd stuff
* exim_mainlog log for incoming and outgoing messages. corresponds with email headers.
* exim_rejectlog stuff rejected because of the RBL's
* exim_paniclog info about exim crashing
* secure sshd login attempts and CP-Wrap info
* messages ftp logs in this file, and also system messages such as kernel info and disc failure messages

Log files /var/cpanel/logs

* account copy logs are in this dir

Log files /usr/local/cpanel/logs

access_log just like a domlogs file, reports file accessed with ip and username login_log authentication log for whm error_log logs cpanel/whm errors

* import db as root user
o mysql [database] < dumpfile.sql
* import db as non root user
o cat [dumpfile.sql] | mysql -D [database] -u [username] -p
* dump db as root user
o mysqldump <database> > dumpfile.sql
* dump db as non root user
o mysqldump -u <databaseusername> <database> > dumpfile.sql -p


* rebuild httpd.conf - run the following commands - will wipe out anything custom
o /usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller --update
o /usr/local/cpanel/bin/build_apache_conf
* add custom directives in virtual host entries
o see apache custom virtual host entries


* if a domain is getting mail bombed or joejobbed then delete everything in the que for just that domain
o exiqgrep -i -r @domain.tld |xargs exim -Mrm

* files
o /etc/mailips => sets alternate ip for a domain to be used as the from ip instead of main ip
o example usage:

o /etc/mail_reverse_dns => should be the same as the reverse lookup for the main mailip
o example usage:

o /etc/localdomains => domains that have mx record resolve locally belong here with exception of domains that have their remote mx mail server filtering mail and sending back to this server
o example error in /etc/exim_mainlog will say," lowest numbered MX record points to local host" if the domain is missing from this file when it should belong here

o /etc/remotedomains => domains that have mx record resolve to a remote server belong here


* bfd located in /usr/local/bfd
o cronjob runs from /etc/cron.d/bfd every 10 minutes.

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