Cpanel - Disk Quota Does not working

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Cpanel - Disk Quota Does not working

Postby lik » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:38 am

There a two "quota systems" used by OpenVZ:

1 Level Quota:

Space Hostnode to Container:
Is set by --diskspace barrier:limit (/--diskinode barrier:limit) config how much a container can use the diskspace/indodes on the hardwarenode

2 Level Quota:

Is how many User/Group in this container can use the space above, set by --quotaugidlimit num (= limit of quota u(ser) g(roup)id) set how many User/Groups ID are accounted).
Add line:

Reboot the VM:
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vzctl restart {VEID}

Execute following commands inside VM container :
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quotaoff -av
quotaon -av

It should solve the issue.
Note: Quota support should be also reflected in the "/etc/fstab".
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