Control panels for OpenVZ/Xen

Here one can find interesting information about OpenVZ management and maintenance. OpenVZ control panels information also goes here

Which control panel do you use to manage OpenVZ/Xen VMs?

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Control panels for OpenVZ/Xen

Postby lik » Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:40 pm

Free software / Open source

    fosvm (Free Open Source Virtual Machine manager): Uses php and bash scripts, monitors bandwidth, Version 0.03a. Last updated 2009-05-18.
    OpenVZ Web Panel : Version 1.1. Written on Ruby. Automatic installer, pretty interface, multiserver & multilingual support. Released: 2010-05-23.
    Proxmox Virtual Environment: including bare-metal ISO installer. Requires 64bit Processor.
    unxsVZ OpenVZ Infrastructure Manager: Includes autonomic UBC adjusting and per container traffic graphs. Supports hot-spare clones and mount/umount conf file templates. Very active development.
    vpsAdmin : GPLv3 license, PHP+MySQL+Bash, Multi-server & Multilingual support, vpsAdmin 1.0 released on January 19, 2010
    Webmin OpenVZ plugin: Version 1.0, last updated 2006-02-07
    OpenNode: Bare-metal ISO installer (CentOS based) providing openvz, kvm, libvirt and func out-of-box. Management consoles currently under development.

Proprietary / non-free

    VirtPanel: Support for Xen and VMware in the future.
    FluidVM: free (trial) for up to 5 VE's
    Panenthe: The parent company is eSited Solutions has shared and VPS hosting services that was previously provided on the HyperVM platform.
    vePortal: Widely used OpenVZ Management Panel.
    SolusVM Reasonably priced. Also supports Xen PV& HVM. Soluslabs Ltd (the company behind SolusVM) announced SolusVM hosts over 25,000 OpenVZ containers across it's clientbase.
    vcPanel: The first centralized VPS control panel for managing VPS around the globe Demo free for up to 5 VE's.
    VDSmanager for Linux:

Frozen projects

    VZAdmin: Not available now
    WVZ: Seems frozen
    EasyVZ: Outdated. Most likely former FluidVM branch.
    Mwamko: Last activity May 2007
    RoboVZ: Last change Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:00:00 +1000
    Vtonf: According to the documentation only runs on CentOS 4.5 or higher. Last change April 2008 - No longer supported. Does not work on CentOS 5+. Web page is no longer valid. Consider this one dead.
    WIVZ/GIVZ: Release scheduled for October 2008 - never released. Project is dead.
    vzAdmin: Domain not delegated
    VZ-Manager: Dead
    WebVZ: Version 2.0 released September 7, 2008. Requires Ruby on Rails.

In development

    HyperVM: HyperVM and Kloxo are released under AGPL-3.0 License to the public.
    easyVZ!: Latest version is easyvz_094
    DTC-Xen: Currently being ported to OpenVZ by its main developers.
    VZWave: Website now shows an unavailable message.
    Contralto: In development, soon to be released.
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