Download RPM package using yum without installing it

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Download RPM package using yum without installing it

Postby lik » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:01 pm

You need to install plugin called yum-downloadonly. This plugin adds a --downloadonly flag to yum so that yum will only download the packages and not install/update them. Following options supported by this plugin:
--downloadonly : don't update, just download a rpm file
--downloaddir=/path/to/dir : specifies an alternate directory to store packages such as /tmp

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yum install yum-downloadonly

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yum update -y --downloadonly

Method # 2: yum-utils.noarch Package

yum-utils is a collection of utilities and examples for the yum package manager. It includes utilities by different authors that make yum easier and more powerful to use. These tools include: debuginfo-install, package-cleanup, repoclosure, repodiff, repo-graph, repomanage, repoquery, repo-rss, reposync, repotrack, verifytree, yum-builddep, yum-complete-transaction, yumdownloader, yum-debug-dump and yum-groups-manager.
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yum -y install yum-utils.noarch

Now use the yumdownloader command which is a program for downloading RPMs from Yum repositories. Type the following command to download httpd rpm file:
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yumdownloader httpd
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