Winetricks script

Winetricks script

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Winetricks is a quick and dirty script to download and install various redistributable runtime libraries sometimes needed to run programs in Wine.

This script can help you prepare your system for Windows applications
that mistakenly assume all users' systems have all the needed
redistributable runtime libraries or fonts.
Some options require the Linux 'cabextract' program.

-q quiet. You must have already agreed to the EULAs.
-v verbose
-V display Version
7zip 7-zip file archiver
adobeair Adobe AIR runtime
art2kmin MS Access 2007 runtime
atmlib Adobe Type Manager. Needed for Adobe CS4
autohotkey Autohotkey (open source gui scripting language)
cmake CMake, the cross-platform, open-source build system
colorprofile Standard RGB color profile
comctl32 MS common controls 5.80
comctl32.ocx MS comctl32.ocx and mscomctl.ocx, comctl32 wrappers for VB6
controlpad MS ActiveX Control Pad
corefonts MS Arial, Courier, Times fonts
cygwin Unix apps for Windows (needed by some build scripts)
d3dx9 MS d3dx9_??.dll (from DirectX 9 user redistributable)
d3dx9_28 MS d3dx9_28.dll
d3dx9_36 MS d3dx9_36.dll
d3dx10 MS d3dx10_??.dll (from DirectX user redistributable)
d3dxof MS d3dxof.dll (from DirectX user redistributable)
dcom98 MS DCOM (ole32, oleaut32); requires Windows 98 license, but does not check for one
dinput8 MS dinput8.dll (from DirectX 9 user redistributable)
dirac0.8 the obsolete Dirac 0.8 directshow filter
directmusic MS DirectMusic (from DirectX 9 user redistributable)
directplay MS DirectPlay (from DirectX 9 user redistributable)
directx9 MS DirectX 9 user redistributable (not recommended! use d3dx9 instead)
directx9-beta MS DirectX 9 user redistributable - beta verb (not recommended! use d3dx9 instead)
divx divx video codec
dotnet11 MS .NET 1.1 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
# Doesn't work yet, don't make it public
# dotnet11sdk MS .NET Framework SDK Version 1.1 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one; may not work yet)
dotnet20 MS .NET 2.0 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
# Doesn't work yet, don't make it public
# dotnet20sdk MS .NET Framework SDK Version 2.0 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one, may not work yet)
dotnet20sp2 MS .NET 2.0 sp2 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
dotnet30 MS .NET 3.0 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one, might not work yet)
droid Droid fonts (on LCD, looks better with fontsmooth-rgb)
dxsdk_nov2006 DirectX Software Development Kit, November 2006 version
ffdshow ffdshow video codecs
firefox Firefox web browser
flash Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and firefox plugins
fm20 MS Forms 2.0 Object Library
fontfix Fix bad fonts which cause crash in some apps (e.g. .net).
fontsmooth-bgr Enables subpixel smoothing for BGR LCDs
fontsmooth-disable Disables font smoothing
fontsmooth-gray Enables grayscale font smoothing
fontsmooth-rgb Enables subpixel smoothing for RGB LCDs
gdiplus MS gdiplus.dll
gecko-dbg The HTML rendering Engine (Mozilla), with debugging symbols
gecko The HTML rendering Engine (Mozilla)
hosts Adds empty C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\{hosts,services} files
ie6 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
ie7 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
jet40 MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
kde KDE for Windows installer
liberation Red Hat Liberation fonts (Sans, Serif, Mono)
mdac25 MS MDAC 2.5: Microsoft ODBC drivers, etc.
mdac27 MS MDAC 2.7
mdac28 MS MDAC 2.8
mfc40 MS mfc40 (Microsoft Foundation Classes from Visual C++ 4)
mfc42 MS mfc42 (same as vcrun6 below)
mingw-gdb GDB for MinGW
mingw Minimalist GNU for Windows, including GCC for Windows!
mono20 mono-2.0.1
mono22 mono-2.2
mono24 mono-2.4
mono26 mono-2.6
mozillabuild Mozilla build environment
mpc Media Player Classic
mshflxgd MS Hierarchical Flex Grid Control
msi2 MS Installer 2.0
msls31 MS Line Services 3.1 (needed by native riched?)
msmask MS Masked Edit Control
mspaint MS Paint (gotta draw stick figures somehow...)
msscript MS Script Control
msxml3 MS XML version 3
msxml4 MS XML version 4
msxml6 MS XML version 6
ogg ogg filters/codecs: flac, theora, speex, vorbis, schroedinger
ole2 MS 16 bit OLE
openwatcom Open Watcom C/C++ compiler (can compile win16 code!)
pdh MS pdh.dll (Performance Data Helper)
physx NVIDIA/AGEIA PhysX runtime
psdk2003 MS Platform SDK 2003
psdkvista MS Vista SDK (does not install yet)
psdkwin7 MS Windows 7 SDK (installing just headers and c++ compiler works)
python26 Python 2.6.2 (and pywin32)
python-comtypes Python 0.6.1-1 comtypes package
quartz quartz.dll (from Directx 9 user redistributable)
quicktime72 Apple Quicktime 7.2
riched20 MS riched20 and riched32
riched30 MS riched30
richtx32 MS Rich TextBox Control 6.0
shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player
steam Steam Client App from Valve
tahoma MS Tahoma font (not part of corefonts)
urlmon MS urlmon.dll
usp10 MS usp10.dll (Uniscribe)
utorrent uTorrent
vb2run MS Visual Basic 2 runtime
vb3run MS Visual Basic 3 runtime
vb4run MS Visual Basic 4 runtime
vb5run MS Visual Basic 5 runtime
vb6run MS Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 6 runtime
vc2005express MS Visual C++ 2005 Express
vc2005expresssp1 MS Visual C++ 2005 Express SP1 (does not work yet)
vc2005sp1 MS Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 and ATL fix (install trial 1st)
vc2005hotfix MS Visual C++ 2005 hotfixes (install sp1 1st)
vc2005trial MS Visual C++ 2005 Trial
vcrun2003 MS Visual C++ 2003 libraries (mfc71,msvcp71,msvcr71)
vcrun2005 MS Visual C++ 2005 sp1 libraries (mfc80,msvcp80,msvcr80)
vcrun2008 MS Visual C++ 2008 libraries (mfc90,msvcp90,msvcr90)
vcrun6 MS Visual C++ 6 sp4 libraries (mfc42, msvcp60, msvcrt)
vcrun6sp6 MS Visual C++ 6 sp6 libraries (mfc42, msvcp60, msvcrt; 64 MB download)
vjrun20 MS Visual J# 2.0 SE libraries (requires dotnet20)
vlc VLC media player
wenquanyi WenQuanYi CJK font (on LCD looks better with fontsmooth-rgb)
windowscodecs MS Windows Imaging Component
wininet MS wininet.dll (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
wme9 MS Windows Media Encoder 9 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
wmp10 MS Windows Media Player 10 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
wmp9 MS Windows Media Player 9 (requires Windows license, but does not check for one)
wsh56js MS Windows scripting 5.6, jscript only, no cscript
wsh56 MS Windows Scripting Host 5.6
wsh56vb MS Windows scripting 5.6, vbscript only, no cscript
xact MS XACT Engine (x3daudio?_?.dll, xactengine?_?.dll)
xvid xvid video codec
alldlls=builtin Force use of builtin dlls (even if loaded with absolute path) (except for msvcp80 and d3dx9_*)
alldlls=default Remove all DLL overrides
allfonts All listed fonts (corefonts, tahoma, liberation)
allcodecs All listed codecs (xvid, ffdshow)
ddr=gdi Set DirectDrawRenderer to GDI (default)
ddr=opengl Set DirectDrawRenderer to OpenGL
dsoundbug9612 Use DirectSound MaxShadowSize=0 workaround for bug #9612
fakeie6 Set registry to claim IE6sp1 is installed
forcemono Force using mono instead of .Net (for debugging)
glsl-disable Disable GLSL use by Wine Direct3D
glsl-enable Enable GLSL use by Wine Direct3D (default)
heapcheck Enable heap checking
multisampling=enabled Enable Direct3D multisampling
multisampling=disabled Disable Direct3D multisampling (default)
native_mdac Override odbc32, odbccp32 and oledb32
native_oleaut32 Override oleaut32
nocrashdialog Disable the graphical crash dialog
orm=backbuffer Registry tweak: OffscreenRenderingMode=backbuffer
orm=fbo Registry tweak: OffscreenRenderingMode=fbo (default)
orm=pbuffer Registry tweak: OffscreenRenderingMode=pbuffer
rtlm=auto Set RenderTargetLockMode to auto (default)
rtlm=disabled Set RenderTargetLockMode to disabled
rtlm=readdraw Set RenderTargetLockMode to readdraw
rtlm=readtex Set RenderTargetLockMode to readtex
rtlm=texdraw Set RenderTargetLockMode to texdraw
rtlm=textex Set RenderTargetLockMode to textex
sandbox Sandbox the wineprefix - remove links to ~
sound=alsa Set sound driver to ALSA
sound=audioio Set sound driver to AudioIO
sound=coreaudio Set sound driver to CoreAudio
sound=esd Set sound driver to Esound
sound=jack Set sound driver to Jack
sound=nas Set sound driver to Nas
sound=oss Set sound driver to OSS
sound=disabled Disable sound
strictdrawordering=enabled Enable StrictDrawOrdering (default)
strictdrawordering=disabled Disable StrictDrawOrdering
nt40 Set windows version to nt40
win98 Set windows version to Windows 98
win2k Set windows version to Windows 2000
winxp Set windows version to Windows XP
vista Set windows version to Windows Vista
win7 Set windows version to Windows 7
winver= Set windows version to default (winxp)
volnum Rename drive_c to harddiskvolume0 (needed by some installers)
mwo=force Set MouseWarpOverride to force (needded by some games
mwo=enabled Set MouseWarpOverride to enabled (default)
mwo=disabled Set MouseWarpOverride to disabled
npm-repack Set NonPower2Mode to repack
psm=on Set PixelShaderMode to enabled
psm=off Set PixelShaderMode to disabled
vsm-hard Set VertexShaderMode to hardware
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