Create /dev/ipmi0 device manually

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Create /dev/ipmi0 device manually

Postby lik » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:06 am

Sometimes it can be true that ipmitool utility is installed but one can not actually manipulate IPMI device:
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# ipmitool lan print 1
Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory
Get Channel Info command failed

First of all check the loaded modules and logs (usually dmesg and messages) whether ipmi is loaded or not:
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# lsmod |grep ipmi
ipmi_devintf           13129  0
ipmi_si                42829  0
ipmi_msghandler        39537  2 ipmi_devintf,ipmi_si

If modules are loaded correctly, then most likely device is not created automatically due to incorrect major character device number.
You can find it at )(look for ipmidev):
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# cat /proc/devices

Character devices:
  1 mem
  4 /dev/vc/0
  4 tty
  4 ttyS
  5 /dev/tty
  5 /dev/console
  5 /dev/ptmx
  6 lp
  7 vcs
 10 misc
 13 input
 29 fb
128 ptm
136 pts
162 raw
180 usb
189 usb_device
253 ipmidev
254 pcmcia

Once the major number is found you can create manually the required /dev/ipmi0 device (summarized command):
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mknod /dev/ipmi0 c `cat /proc/devices | grep ipmidev |cut -d " " -f 1` 0
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