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FreeDBS - check port dependencies (raw)

Postby lik » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:40 pm

If you intend to check whether all library dependencies are satisfied or not, you might be interested in the pkg_libchk utility from sysutils/bsdadminscripts.

If you mean "which port depends on which ports", either run pkg_info -rR <portglob> for an installed port, or run make build-depends-list && make run-depends-list in a port directory under /usr/ports.

Finally: if you wonder which dependencies you still need to install for a port, run make missing in a port directory under /usr/ports
and $ make all-depends-list will list all the dependencies, including grandchildren and so on going down the tree

$ portmaster --show-work x11-wm/fvwm2-devel

it will show all dependancies that are not installed and that will be installed, if you run portmaster without --show-work, it'll also show which dependencies will be updated
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