Partitioning '/' and '/bk'

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Partitioning '/' and '/bk'

Postby lik » Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:51 pm

Does it matter how big the / partition is if you are using SAN storage?

No. But it really matters how big your biggest VM is going to be. For the purpose of storing backups and cloning, until they are moved to the backup server, the "/" partition would be used and it should be able to accommodate the compressed archive image of your biggest VM. So, if you can allocate a larger chunk of space for your "/" partition, it should be good.

What is /bk used for? How big should it be?

The "/bk" partition is used to be later converted as a "/vz" LVM + an unpartitioned temporary space for taking snapshots and backups. The recommended space for the "/bk" partition would again depends on the number of VMs and the size of the biggest VMs that you are going to run. So, apart from the "/" and SWAP partition, you can allocate the rest of the disk space for the "/bk" partition.
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