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RIP Timers

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RIP Timers

In addition to the update timer (default 30 sec), the IOS implements three additional timers for RIP:

Invalid Timer. If an update has not been received to refresh an existing route after 180 seconds (the default), the route is marked as invalid by setting the metric to 16. The route is retained in the routing table until the flush timer expires.

Flush Timer. By default, the flush timer is set for 240 seconds, which is 60 seconds longer than the invalid timer. When the flush timer expires, the route is removed from the routing table.

Holddown Timer. This timer stabilizes routing information and helps prevent routing loops during periods when the topology is converging on new information. Once a route is marked as unreachable, it must stay in holddown long enough for all routers in the topology to learn about the unreachable network. By default, the holddown timer is set for 180 seconds. The holddown timer is discussed in more detail later in this chapter.
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